• The 5 Best Fall Vacations You Can Take This Year

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    best fall vacations to take this year

    Whereas most people tend to see the summer and winter as prime traveling time, true vacationers know that spring and fall are ideal. With moderate temperatures, fewer tourists, and many lovely vacations available, the fall is the ideal time for planning trips.

    If you haven't spent your vacation days during the summer months and don't have any plans for the holidays, taking some time off in the fall is very rewarding!. Here are some of the best fall vacations you can plan for the coming season.

    1. New England

    Though New England is very nice in the summer, the hot temperatures and excessive tourists may drive you away. If that's the case, fall is the best time to take advantage. Be sure to rent a car and hit the many states along the way.

    New England is known for its beautiful Autumn foliage. It' also a great family friendly fall destination if you have kids interested in learning the history of our nation.

    For the sports fan in your family, you can't miss out on Red Sox and Patriots' games that show what New England is truly about!

    2. Lancaster, Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania Dutch Country is well known for its beautiful fall harvest. From apple orchards to corn mazes, fall is the ideal time to visit this area where there are more bed and breakfasts that you could ever imagine.

    Near Lancaster, you'll also find Adamstown, Pennsylvania, the "Antiques Capital of the World." Here, there are more than 3,000 antique dealers as well as traditional Amish settlements and Pennsylvania Dutch cuisine.

    3. The Great Smoky Mountains

    For a truly relaxing getaway, visit the Great Smoky Mountains near the Tennessee-North Carolina border. From breathtaking views to luxurious cabins, this is a trip that can't be missed.

    For the more outdoorsy travelers, these mountains have terrific opportunities for horseback riding and fly-fishing so you can never be bored in this woodland getaway.

    4. Savannah, Georgia

    Savannah is an absolutely breathtaking city at any point in the year, but fall is a special time to visit it. The cooler temperatures and fall activities make the city a very welcoming site for any tourists.

    Just 30 minutes closer to the coast, Tybee Island is also a great adventure. Fall is the time for Tybee's annual Pirate Festival where the entire island turns into a Pirate's Cove. This festival is great family fun for all ages!

    5. Washington, D.C.

    For the political science or history buffs, Washington D.C. is a great fall vacation idea. Once all of the summer crowds are gone, true museum lovers can take all the time in the world to visit the Smithsonian's many galleries.

    D.C. is also especially nice to visit in the fall because of the great cultural strides it has made. From exciting nightlife to beautiful culinary destinations, D.C. is ready for any vacationer.

    Are You Ready to Take the Best Fall Vacations?

    If you haven't done so already, start planning on using your vacation days during the fall. With the best fall vacations already planned out for you, there's no reason not to head out and enjoy the beautiful fall weather away from home.

    For all your travel needs, from gathering ideas to planning a trip, be sure to contact us to see how we can help you.

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