• 10 Tips for a Kid Friendly Summer Cruise

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    Ready for that long-awaited, much-deserved summer cruise trip? Traveling with kids? If so, you might need a few tips to ensure that your children will have fun too. Here they are:

    1. Make the cruise line representative aware of your child’s dietary needs in advance. Inform him of any food allergies or restrictions to avoid issues on board. Joyride Travel, for instance, can find a liner that can do that for you.

    2. Book in advance so you’ll have more choices in terms of cabin size, type and location.

    3. Book with travel services that offer kid-friendly cruise trip packages. Liners like these have amenities and a lot of fun and educational activities that can keep your kids hooked from morning until evening.

    4. Check if the ship has good, kid-friendly TV programs so you can be sure that they’ll have something to watch when you decide to have them wind down.

    5. Bring portable games and headsets to match so they won’t disturb other passengers while playing.

    6. Allow them to carry cellphones. The cellphone’s camera will be a very valuable tool for keeping their memories on board. Plus, you can contact them wherever they are. Remember that liners are like small cities – kids can easily get lost in them.

    7. Enjoy shore tours together and do fun activities with them.

    8. Bear in mind that the purpose of this cruise is to relax and unwind with your loved ones, so do just that.

    9. Ask who their new friends are and check their whereabouts from time to time.

    10. Check with your travel agency and see if the liner offers babysitting services for very young kids so you won’t have to worry about their safety in case you and your partner decide to dance the night away.

    Enjoy your trip!

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