• Benefit of Getting Travel Insurance from your Travel Agent

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    Have you ever dreamt of travelling somewhere with your family and friends? Do you have a checklist of the things that you would want to bring? Did you know that most travelers fail to consider putting travel insurance on that list?  Really, no one wants to think that there is going to be something bad about their exciting travel or wants to add additional expenses to their travel budget. However, we think it’s always better to prioritize your comfort, security, and safety. So read on and find out why getting travel insurance is important and why getting it from your travel agent is better.

    Getting a travel insurance plan can cover you against losses such as cancelled flights, delayed or damaged luggage, lost money or passport, theft, injury, illness, and other unexpected costs incurred during your trip. Some travel companies offer a plan that also includes medical coverage and even the cost of an emergency return flight if a relative dies. Travel insurances can be tailored to suit the details of your trip and who else can do this better than the travel agent you are planning your trip with. Travel Insurance purchased together with your vacation packages are more convenient in a way that you only need to get in touch with the same agent if and when you need to discuss the details of your travel package or your insurance.  There are different travel insurances you can choose from like:

    • Backpacker insurance
    • 65+ Travel insurance
    • Single-trip insurance
    • Annual policies or multi-trip insurance
    • Business insurance

    Each one can be discussed by your travel agent to make your choice easier. You can also purchase travel insurance as an individual, as a couple and as a family. Most travel agencies also offer a 24/7 assistance services and can even stand-in as a personal travel assistant in case you need to re-book flights or hotel reservations when you aren’t home.

    Some travel agencies like Joyride Travel in Duncanville, TX can discuss the travel services they offer. They will work with you to make that dream trip a reality and make sure you’re protected while you're away. They provide vacation packages, tours, cruises and plans you can customize for local or international travel. They can even offer a payment plan in case you need it and this makes them a name you should know in the Duncanville, TX travel industry.

    Travel insurance can cover any costs that may come unexpectedly on or before your trip, so that cost is less likely taken out of your own pocket.

  • Book Online Travel for Honeymoon Destinations that Will Take Your Breath Away

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    You may want a honeymoon that has the feel of traveling somewhere far away but without the distance? Or maybe you’re one of the more practical couples who’d rather travel local in the US to minimize expenses? Whatever your reasons are, rest assured that there’s a place that’s just right. Here’s a list of US travel destinations that will make your honeymoon truly memorable.

    4 Honeymoon Destinations in the US

    1. Auberge du Soleil. Great food, romantic setup, earth-toned interiors designed specifically to boost relaxation. These are the elements that make Auberge du Soleil one of the best honeymoon travel destinations in the US. Even travel agents recommend this hillside retreat for rest romance and relaxation.

    2. Post Ranch Inn. If wide oceans and secluded mountains travel destinations are your cup of tea, then Post Ranch Inn might just be the best place for you. It’s nestled on top of the Big Sur, overlooking the Pacific Ocean. Of course, a wonderful travel destination like this serves equally lovely food – from tasty gourmet breakfasts to lunch and dinner menus that change every single day. Need to relax and unwind after the long wedding preparations? No problem! This travel destination has a variety of amenities and activities for you – massage, spa, yoga classes – name it, Post Ranch has it.

    3. Enchantment Resort. Fall in love over and over again in this place which most travel agents dub as “A Slice of Heaven”. Well, an area surrounded by different shades of breathtaking rock formations is definitely one that inspires relaxation and romance, don't you think?

    4. Palmetto Bluff. Want a more laidback, Southern living style of honeymoon travel destination? If watching the sunrise or enjoying nature while holding hands is your definition of romance, then Palmetto Bluff can give you that. Choose from cute cottages or beautiful villas according to your taste and budget.

    Make your honeymoon travel destination a truly precious, memorable event without hurting your pocket. Contact an online travel agent and book online travel to ensure that your honeymoon will be as economical, pleasurable and as hassle-free as possible.

  • 10 Tips for a Kid Friendly Summer Cruise

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    Ready for that long-awaited, much-deserved summer cruise trip? Traveling with kids? If so, you might need a few tips to ensure that your children will have fun too. Here they are:

    1. Make the cruise line representative aware of your child’s dietary needs in advance. Inform him of any food allergies or restrictions to avoid issues on board. Joyride Travel, for instance, can find a liner that can do that for you.

    2. Book in advance so you’ll have more choices in terms of cabin size, type and location.

    3. Book with travel services that offer kid-friendly cruise trip packages. Liners like these have amenities and a lot of fun and educational activities that can keep your kids hooked from morning until evening.

    4. Check if the ship has good, kid-friendly TV programs so you can be sure that they’ll have something to watch when you decide to have them wind down.

    5. Bring portable games and headsets to match so they won’t disturb other passengers while playing.

    6. Allow them to carry cellphones. The cellphone’s camera will be a very valuable tool for keeping their memories on board. Plus, you can contact them wherever they are. Remember that liners are like small cities – kids can easily get lost in them.

    7. Enjoy shore tours together and do fun activities with them.

    8. Bear in mind that the purpose of this cruise is to relax and unwind with your loved ones, so do just that.

    9. Ask who their new friends are and check their whereabouts from time to time.

    10. Check with your travel agency and see if the liner offers babysitting services for very young kids so you won’t have to worry about their safety in case you and your partner decide to dance the night away.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Take that Summer Cruise

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    With the rising cost of living, the last thing on your mind is to take a summer cruise. You keep telling yourself that such a thing will never, ever fit your budget.

    But did you know that depriving yourself of such types of rest and relaxation may actually be bad for your physical and psychological health over time.

    Are you aware that good travel agent services in Duncanville Texas offer many summer cruise packages that can be tailored to fit any type of budget? Just be sure to book ahead to ensure you get a great deal. For low prices, you can settle for off-season sailings at out of this world deals. The weather may not be in the high 90’s, but no worries – travel agents in Duncanville Texas are familiar with which routes or locations to visit so you can still enjoy a summer cruise without missing out on anything.

    Yes, you can stand in awe at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat or enjoy swimming in its pristine waters. You can go mountain climbing in the Blue Mountains of Australia. You can dance on the sand in the Caribbean with your loved one during your honeymoon. The possibilities are endless even with a limited budget.

    Ready to take a dip in warm weather destinations? Just call a reputable travel agent in Texas for more details.

  • Why You Should Go On A Cruise For Your Honeymoon

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    A cruise trip is a fabulous way of spending your honeymoon. Imagine spending relaxing, romantic days with your new spouse, roaming around the deck and enjoying the sea breeze, and going on short adventures with every port.

    A fabulous cruise would be a great way to unwind after all the wedding hullaballoo and before you finally start your married life together. It’s creating amazing memories and experiencing new things with your spouse all packed in one luxurious getaway aboard a ship. It’s really one for the books that you would want to spend with no one else but your better half.

    All set to book a fabulous cruise for your honeymoon vacation? It’s time to call a travel agent to jumpstart your planning. There are lots of options for cruise locations to choose from, and perhaps you can start by deciding what kind of weather and sights you want to encounter and see. You can enjoy the warmth of the Caribbean islands, spend some colder days in Alaska, or just go out and about in Europe come spring time. Leave it to your travel agent to prepare for everything as you just sit back, relax, and wait for your cruise trip.

  • Reasons to Consider a Winter Cruise

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    Debating whether you should head to the Caribbean or perhaps dive into an alternative route by going for a winter cruise instead? Here are some reasons that may push you in the direction of a cruise during the winter months.



    More often than not, people are drawn towards warm vacation spots. It’s not often that someone would opt for the cold. However, it does have its rewards because of how rare it is to make the choice to take in a winter adventure and visit all the less frequently visited hot spots. Keep in mind while its winter where you may be....it may be summer somewhere else.


    Its on you dream list

    Winter cruise trips are bound to satisfy the true adventurer in you. This is not to undermine the beauty of a Caribbean cruise and other cruises that bring you to the beach though. This is your chance to explore the more remote places and other off-beaten paths during the winter season. Just make sure to bundle up and keep warm.



    It’s always going to be warm some place at any given time during the year, but the availability of winter cruises in the best spots only become viable for about two to three months a year. It’s definitely an experience that shouldn’t be missed.


    If you’re convinced enough to take a winter cruise, then contact a  travel agent that will give you hints to the hot spots you may not have ever considered and provide you a great package deal. You might even score a last-minute deal that allows you to do something extra. You’re definitely in for a different kind of adventure by taking a cruise during the winter months.

  • Tips for Enjoying Stay-cations on a Budget

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    With the rising cost of fuel and hotel reservations, families nowadays find vacationing a bit off their budgets. But who says you can’t have a great vacation without spending an arm and a leg? Yes, it’s possible, and it’s called stay-cation.

    So what is a stay-cation? Simply put, it’s setting a week or several days off work, and devoting that time to fun and exciting activities, from the confines of your own home, with no work in sight. Read: no work. This means no emails, no text messages, and no meetings during your stay-cation. A great travel agent can give you tips on local spots and provide you with tickets, transportation or even overnight accommodations at a steal of a deal.

    How to ensure that you have the best stay-cation ever? Check out the tips below.

    Tips for an Awesome Stay-cation

    Plan ahead

    The purpose of a stay-cation is to rest, unwind and have fun. Contacting an agent ahead of time to get the low down on local happenings and deals. This is not the time to clean the attic, scrub the toilet or repaint your home. If you truly want to have a stay-cation to remember, do major chores a week or two beforehand. But what about all the mess you’ll be creating during your vacation? Close your eyes – that too, shall pass.

    Be creative

    Gather your family together a week before your vacation. Ask each member to do some research on fun activities to do while you’re stay-cationing. You can have a “Wellness and Beauty Day”, for example. Relax, meditate, have tea, read a book, get a facial. You can also have a cooking day. Ask the kids to prepare their own specialties. Of course, activities are not limited at home. You can also check out the food in local restaurants. Hit the jackpot by searching for a themed restaurant – Hawaiian, Egyptian or Chinese, and have your photos taken while dining for memories.

    Do it with friends

    You may not know it, but some friends and neighbors are raring to go on a vacation, too. And just like you, they find it a bit off their budgets. So why not join forces? You can camp in the mountains or arrange for a mini tour of your city. Yes, your city! Has it occurred to you that there are some areas in your city that you still haven’t explored? You can contact a local travel agent for the ins and outs of who to contact. They know the best areas to eat, dine, and be merry. You can even get a special discount if you have a large group of family and friends. Just book onlineto get an idea so you can arrange how to split the expenses.

    Be spontaneous

    Yes, it’s good to plan ahead, but as the old saying goes, “anything can happen, anytime”. What if you have planned a luau but it has been raining since morning? Then throw on those dancing shoes and get ready for a dance party instead. Or bust out a game of poker or watch a good movie, the possibilities are endless and anything goes!

    Enjoy a great vacation without the burden of hefty price tag when you choose to do a stay-cation. Remember these tips to ensure that you’ll have memorable moments with the ones you love.

  • 6 Benefits of Stay-cations

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    Our desire to climb the ladder of success faster than our rivals stems from our need to establish better lives for the ones we love. Most of us work more than the usual 9 to 5 grind in order to make the best of what we have. Why do we so often talk ourselves out of a break? Do we not deserve to reap the rewards for our hard work?

    No. By depriving yourself of vacations, according to WebMD, you join many hardworking and vacation-deprived American’s who experience burnout, reduced productivity, diminished creativity, failed relationships, stress, or stress-related ailments such as depression.

    What if you really want to go on a vacation yet lack the funds for it? What if you’ve been dreaming of traveling to a far-off island in the Pacific for quite some time now?

    No worries! You can have your vacation on a very limited budget by having a stay-cation instead.

    Benefits of Stay-cations

    Aside from economy, stay-cations offer other advantages:

    No traveling time

    One of the best things about vacations is getting to travel to places that you have never seen before. However, travel is also one of the main reasons why some people skip vacations. Traveling is labor-intensive; packing your things, preparing medications, seeking the help of a dog walker, etc.

    No need to search for a place to stay

    One of the most exasperating and frustrating things that can happen to a would-be traveler is to find out that your room reservation has been given to someone else just because you were late.

    When you’re on a stay-cation, all you have to do is to decorate your home according to the theme you desire. Let your creative juices flow! By reusing those curtains, linen and decorations that have been stored in your attic for ages you’ll revamp your home into a grand place to stay for the length of your vacation. And while you’re at it, why not invite other groups? Relatives and friends can turn your vacation from great to awesome!

    No add-on expenses

    Traveling comes with another caveat, and it goes by the name of shopping. Traveling to an unfamiliar place will make you want to taste the local cuisine and shop for souvenirs. Yes, some of your family and friends might expect a little something upon your return. Before you know it, your credit card is full of purchases.  However when you are on a stay-cation, you only spend for food and fun activities; no other add-ons required.

    Unmatched comfort and convenience

    Why travel elsewhere to stay in a hotel that boasts of being “your home away from home” when you can have the comforts of being in your own home? You won’t need to deal with being penalized for late checkouts or lumpy mattresses and can do with your home as you please. Occasionally there is no better place than your own home when you just want to sit back and relax.

    No need to worry about pets

    Some people hesitate to go on a vacation because they’re worried about the hefty boarding fees or the inconvenience of traveling with a pet. There’s no need for those when you’re on a stay-cation. You can have fun with Fido anytime you please without expensive pet care fees.

    You can add variety

    Stay-cations give you the opportunity to check out all the things your city or state has to offer. Be creative and pick a few of them to explore! The benefit of becoming a tourist in your own location is that you discover the history and stories of the area you call home and the money saved goes right back into your local businesses.

    Stay-cations are indeed, the cheaper, healthier and better way to relax, unwind and enjoy during your much-needed vacation. So why not plan one right now? You deserve it. Contact your local agent for tips and tricks to making the most of it.

  • Tips on Having the Best Mexican Getaway Trip

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    Mexico is one of the most visited and most popular tourist destinations, especially when you’re trying to escape the cold or just looking to see exquisite beaches and other natural sights. One of the best ways to enjoy it is to go on a cruise, this proves to be the best way to have more time to relax and enjoy both the tourist spots and the beauty of the sea as well.

    Plan Early

    The key is to plan ahead of time. When will you have enough vacation days to go on this trip? What is your budget, not just for the cruise but consider a flight, port adventures and mementos? What is the expected weather during your visit? All of these questions, among many others, are just some of what you should consider before booking the trip. Planning ahead will give you more chances of taking advantage of special discounts and early bird promos. For a trip this grandiose, it makes sense to prepare early and just relax as you wait for boarding time.

    Consider Booking Online       

    In order to lessen your hassle, also consider booking online. Finding a credible travel agent that can provide you with all the information you need without having to leave your computer is priceless. There are a lot of online travel companies that can readily provide your information on cruise packages, port adventures and other estimated costs, as well as complete the details of your itinerary and other details that perhaps done alone may be forgotten. If you’re not too sure, you can also go ahead and contact them first to get the answers to all your travel questions. A good travel agent should have an in-depth website that affords the answers to many of your travel questions as well.

    List, List, List

    Once you’ve got the necessary details in hand it’s now to make some more concrete plans. Consider the best options such for your travel package and the best time to take the cruise. Which package will give you the best value for your money and allows you to really explore the beautiful sights of Mexico that you’ve been dying to see?

    Make a list of all of your ideas that you want to do before you zero in on the perfect cruise getaway trip. After that, there are more lists coming your way as you proceed to finalize all the other details of your trip such as what to bring, things to do beforehand, and so on.

    So what are you waiting for? Contact your trusted travel agent to get planning and start packing for that relaxing Mexican getaway trip you truly deserve.

  • Handy Tips When Traveling With Kids

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    Family trips can be a lot of fun and can cause a whole of stress as well, especially for the parents. This is even truer when traveling with kids because it entails a whole lot of preparation and planning in order for it to be a smooth and truly enjoyable trip for everyone. Balance is key. Here are some general tips that will help in lessening potential problems and making your family trip a truly memorable one in the best way possible.

    Be it by plane, train, car, or cruise ship, long travels and young children just don’t fit in well together without much preparation and even then will all the prep work done can still be tricky. The key trick before you even decide on the trip is to create a positive vibe surrounding the trip and getting everyone excited for the journey ahead. Show them all of the things they can explore along the way and what awaits them at your destination. It would also be a big help to make them feel included in the planning and preparation process as much as you can—whether it be in the packing, checking out the itinerary on the computer, reading through travel books, and whatnot.

    Of course, the tried-and-tested method to keep them in check during the traveling itself is to pack key possessions that will serve as their distraction and source of entertainment. But it’s also not right to hand them a gadget and leave them be. For it to be a truly memorable and even educational trip, always never fail to engage them and get them immersed in what they’re doing as well. This will not only help them pay attention to you as you roam and explore new places and sights, but it will also create a very positive and enriching perspective for them with regards to traveling as they grow up. Creating long lasting memories is the best reward.

    Of course aside from these valuable tips, you also have to first consider your actual destination and how family and child-friendly it is as well. In order to make the right choice when it comes to your travel destination, consulting a reliable travel agent would help in determining all details of the trip and having them plan it all out for you. You already have a lot in your hands what with traveling with little ones, so it would be a relief and alleviate the stress that comes along with booking by using a trusted travel agent who will make sure that your itinerary down the smallest detail is set and cared of.  

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  • Family-Friendly Vacation Ideas

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    It’s a whole new year ahead for you and your family. This could just be very well be the perfect time for you to start planning your big getaway for the summer time. It’s always a challenge to come up with the perfect destination that every member of the family will be happy on every level with. Finding that balance can sometimes take the fun out of it as well. Even more than that is zeroing on a destination that will be family friendly, especially if you have little kids in tow.

    Instead of stressing out and wasting your time looking through one potential destination after another, we highly recommend approaching a travel agent and just letting the professionals do the research for you. There are so many possible options to choose from and to get things started, here are some destination ideas that your family could certainly enjoy.

    Caribbean Cruise

    If you’re living somewhere where it gets too cold for comfort, then it’s just natural for your first choice destination to be someplace warm—where the sun shines bright and you can just laze around wearing light clothing all day. Getting on a Caribbean cruise, or any other similar tropical cruise, is a great way to maximize even a few days of vacation by visiting different places every day. And the best part is in between visiting these beautiful places, you’re staying on board a luxury cruise ship that has every amenity you and your family will ever need or want for the duration of the trip.

    Both kids and adults alike can surely find tons of activities that would be suitable to your liking on board a cruise ship. It’s truly a special experience that can be shared with the whole family.

    European Tour

    Perhaps instead of some R & R by the beach, you’d prefer taking on some remarkable sights and landmarks and getting a hefty dose of rich history and culture by traveling to Europe. The options are just as endless when you think of Europe and regardless of the cities you end up in, it’s sure to be a memorable trip that’s one for the books.

    Just imagine walking through the city of love and beholding Eiffel Tower right in front of you, or perhaps seeing the London Bridge in person instead of just in postcards. Perhaps you’d also want to bring your family to the Vatican City and explore the rest of Rome, such as going to the Colosseum. While you’re there, you might even consider visiting other parts of beautiful Italy as well. And all of those places are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to all the countries you can explore in Europe. This is one excursion and adventure that your kids would truly appreciate not just as tourists but as learners as well.

    Exotic Destinations

    A Caribbean cruise and trip to Europe are considered to be leading vacation destinations. You also do have the option of deviating from the norm and instead, bringing your family to a more exotic and unique travel destination.

    What are examples of these “exotic” destinations? Southeast Asia is a very popular example, wherein you can travel to popular tourist spots in Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, just to name a few. If you really want to get knee-deep into a nation with a very rich culture and history, then India may be the perfect place to visit. If it’s a once-in-a-lifetime adventure you’re looking to experience with your family, you could even opt to embark on an African safari. Once again, the options are endless and it all depends on the type of unique experience you’re after.

    We can’t stress enough how the planning and preparation for your trip could be so much easier when you enlist the assistance of a reliable travel company. You just have to sit back while they present you with a number of options, and then decide based on the rates, itinerary, and scheduling. All that’s left for you and your family to do is to look forward to those vacation days that are sure to be memorable and worthwhile.

  • Top 5 Must-Have Items for Your Mexican Cruise Getaway

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    Joyride Travels, http://www.joyridetravel.com/So you’re finally taking that long-awaited Mexican getaway cruise you’ve been saving up for, for quite some time now. If you booked with a travel agent you to book your trip then you were most likely provided with all the necessary tips and details that you need beforehand. Because if you really want to truly enjoy and savor your vacation in peace, it’s quite important to be prepared on several fronts to ensure that you’ve got all potential issues covered. After all a travelers worst nightmare is to forget something that could potentially ruin your trip. Here is a simple list of what not to forget before you leave for that ever anticipated Mexican Cruise.

    Money and Documents
    First and foremost, as with any of your trips, make sure to have all your necessary documents on hand. It should include ample cash, credit/debit cards, passport, driver’s license, tickets and other reservations, as well as health and travel insurance and travel itinerary. In order to truly be prepared for any possible scenario, also make copies of these important travel documents and keep in your other bags and luggage. As you will be traveling all over the cruise ship and during your port calls, also make sure to have an organizer that you could easily keep inside of a bag that you take wherever you go in Mexico. You can never be too prepared when it comes to documents and finances.

    Protection from the Elements
    Do remember that even if you’re traveling during the warmer seasons, the weather could still be quite unpredictable. As we all know it can be raining and the sun shining both at the same time, both confusing us and reminding us how we cannot predict weather ever. Remember to pack light windbreakers or a jacket to wear during cold nights at sea and for unprecedented cold weather or rain. This would save you a lot of money instead of having to suddenly purchase these necessities during your touring or while on board the ship.

    Appropriate & Enough Clothes
    Of course the clothes that you wear on a daily basis are just as important, if not more, than the ones that you need to protect you from the elements. It’s better to start planning out your clothes based on the activities that are part of your itinerary before rather than planning it out on a per day basis. Start with the most basic pieces such as undergarments, sleepwear, as well as staples including jeans and regular shirts/tops. Only add in a couple of fancy garments and accessories that you could use to mix up your normal everyday wear. After which, check if you have the necessary attire for special activities such as hiking and swimming, among many others. Based on your packed clothes, decide on at least three different pairs of footwear that would complement your clothes as well as your planned itinerary. Plan for comfort and style.

    First Aid Kit & Medicines
    While there may easily be a first aid kit available on deck, it’s still highly recommended to bring your own set as well as the rest of the medicines that cater to potential health risks for you. Among the most common medications to pack should include those for motion sickness, stomachache, diarrhea, headache, and so on. If you take a regular prescription medication be sure to bring a little extra just in case you decide to stay longer or head somewhere else before heading home. It’s a given that you should also prepare your own set of toiletries. And while you’re at it, also include other personal items that you might need such as sanitary napkins, deodorant, sunscreen, insect repellents, vitamins, etc.

    Last, but not least, never leave without having your camera in tow. A cruise getaway is a very memorable trip that should be remembered as such. And of course, a digital camera is the best way to do so—just remember to keep it fully charged, especially for the days that you dock into different places. Bring batteries or your charger and be sure not to forget that memory card, you don’t want to miss out on taking the photos that last a lifetime. Once you’ve got all these things down pat, it’s now time to finally relax and just await the day that you get to board on your cruise ship that will take you to the beautiful and enchanting country of Mexico!

    This information is provided by Joyride Travel Inc. You can visit us online to book your next getaway at http://www.joyridetravel.com day or night.

  • Welcome to JoyRide Travel

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    Do you need a "PAYMENT PLAN" ? We have one for you if you book your vacation at least 60 days or more prior to your trip. Just call us for that! 972-298-5554 or click here "CONTACT US" to email one of our agents.

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