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COVID-19: Re-Opening Information

COVID CDC FAQs | Testing Requirements for PAX Entering US | In Destination Testing

Testing Availability from: Vacation Packagers | Resorts

Re-Opening by Destination

COVID Testing Requirements

Testing Requirements for PAX entering US

Testing Availability from Vacation Packagers

Testing Availability from Resorts

In Destination Testing Available to All Visitors

CDC Testing Rules FAQs

• If you test positive while travelling, what happens to your return flight? Can you take the next flight after you test negative? will there be fees? Will they have to pay the difference in air?

• If a traveler tests positive upon entering the United States, where do they go and who will pay for their stay?

• If a client is on a two-week trip will they need to be re-tested upon their return?

• How long is a COVID test good for when travelling? If it is only a 3-day trip, will a test prior to travel and another test in destination city be required?

• Is there a list of approved providers in other countries that can perform tests? If not, how will a traveler know that the test will be accepted?

• At which point in the travel process do clients show proof of negative test? Is it different if a client has PreCheck?

• Which type of COVID test is required? Is an Antigen test approved for travel?

• Is a 14-day quarantine always required followed by a negative test? What if someone tests negative on day 3 of the quarantine? Can their quarantine end, and will they be allowed to travel back home sooner now that they have a negative test?

• Does the test need to be time-stamped so it shows exactly 72 hours from flight departure time?

• What happens if a flight is cancelled? Does new testing need to happen and will the airlines cover the cost?

• Is anyone excluded from being required to take a test? Children? Individuals for religious reasons? When are doctors' notes required?

• What are the steps advisors should take if they are contacted by their client who gets stuck in another country? For those who have to stay due to a positive test, and there is a cost involved from the hotel, will booking agent receive commission on the rate charged?

• Are there different requirements for corporate travel vs. leisure travel?

• What if my client receives a false positive test?

• As Advisors and Agency Owners, should we have documentation in place that the client must sign that they understand new procedures?

• Will passengers have to show documentation in person prior to check-in? Can documentation be provided electronically?

• Will COVID testing be required of individuals who have proof of vaccination?

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