• 5 Must-Read Tips on How to Plan a Destination Wedding

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    A destination wedding is a beautiful idea; however, most people don’t get past the planning phase. We're here to show you that anyone can have the destination wedding of their dreams with a bit of clever planning and the right help.

    Check out these 5 essential tips on how to plan a destination wedding easily!


    1. Do Your Homework


    First off, you need to be certain that a destination wedding is right for you and your significant other. Check out the details, read the experiences of others, and do your homework.

    For example, some destinations might seem idyllic and amazing for a trip, but are just not suitable for a destination wedding. You need to carefully review each available destination before even considering booking online.


    2. Plan, Plan, Plan


    If a wedding requires planning, then a destination wedding requires planning squared! This doesn’t mean it’s hard or undoable, but it requires an extra bit of effort to get it just right.

    Consider these wedding planning tipsand combine them with conventional traveling wisdom. During the planning phase, it’s very helpful to check out blogs and memoirs of other couples who had their weddings abroad for potential pitfalls to avoid.


    3. Plan Without Breaking The Bank


    As you learn how to plan a destination wedding, you need to understand the importance of sticking to your budget. Costs can quickly overrun your budget, especially if you're inviting a long list of friends and relatives.

    Be honest with your significant other and plan everything within strict and well-defined financial boundaries. A destination wedding has all the expenses of a wedding, combined with those of a trip abroad, so plan your finances accordingly.


    4. Legalities and Technicalities


    Marriage laws varyfrom country to country, and you want your marriage to be valid when you come back. In most countries, requirements are straightforward, but you need to know exactly what kind of contract you’re signing when marrying abroad.

    Therefore, make sure that it’s legal for you to get married to your spouse at your chosen destination, and that the marriage will be valid when you return home.


    5. Enlist Help


    Even a modest wedding requires considerable planning and a destination wedding abroad with all the bells and whistles is more complicated than your average ‘conventional’ wedding at the local church.

    In addition to friends and family, consider the help of professional wedding planners. A wedding planner might seem expensive at first, but their expertise may save you more money than their services cost in the long run.


    Ready To Plan A Destination Wedding To Remember?


    As we showed you above, planning a destination wedding is easier than most people think and it'll make sure your most important day is also your most memorable one!

    If you're ready to have a truly unique and amazing wedding, contact JoyRide Travel, a leader in destination weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries, to plan out what could well be the best trip of your lifetime!