• Why Use a Travel Agent for Your Summer Vacation?

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    Thanks to the proliferation of various travel websites, some may think travel agents are becoming obsolete. This couldn't be farther from the truth. So why use a travel agent?

    Travel agents provide a personal touch and give you the peace of mind and attention to detail that you deserve when planning a trip.

    In this post, we'll highlight five great reasons why you should use a travel agent to book your next big summer vacation.

    1. Convenience

    Booking vacations often are complicated, taking up much of your time. So much so in fact that for many people it ruins the fun of travel entirely. This is especially true if you're planning a big trip like a family reunion.

    With a travel agent, the hassle of booking flights or planning your hotel stay is taken off your hands entirely. Their service-oriented approach means you'll have less to worry about and a great resource to learn more about your destination.

    Should anything go wrong with your flight booking or vacation itinerary, they'll be able to manage it. After all, airlines recently don't exactly have a reputation for always providing excellent customer service.

    Some travel agents offer the convenience of booking your trip online via their website.

    2. Loyalty to the Customer

    In the days before the internet, a travel agent used to be the only place you could go to plan a vacation. They were the only game in town.

    Today's travel agents are competing with hotel and airline booking sites. Therefore, agents will work extra hard for you. It's to their benefit to provide you the friendliest, most competitively-priced service possible.

    3. More Access

    Travel agents are experts at what they do. They typically have more direct access to the best travel deals on the market and can quickly research and compare what's available. They'll likely have a direct line to an airline or hotel to ensure that their customers get the best experience and the top value for their money.

    They're also knowledgeable in terms of what vacations to recommend based on the traveler. For instance, a person traveling solo will have different requirements and expectations than a family traveling with children.

    An agent will have access to perks, such as room upgrades, fee waivers, resources for special requests, and last minute deals as well.

    4. Constant Assistance

    You've likely been on a vacation before where you had to switch up your plans mid-trip for whatever reason. It's a nuisance and detracts from the fun of your trip.

    With a travel agent, you won't have to worry about this. Troubleshooting is one of the best advantages of working with a travel agent. They'll be able to help you with your vacation plans even while you're currently on vacation. You just have to make one call to them and they'll handle your issues themselves.

    5. Personalized Planning

    Because you're having a face-to-face interaction with someone, you'll be able to actually express your interests and desires when it comes to vacationing. With this information, they'll be able to actually cater to you, specifically. A travel site can't do that.

    Additionally, many agents travel extensively and have visited the resorts, cruise ships, and other destinations of interest to you, providing you first-hand feedback on what to expect or avoid.

    Want a Travel Agent for Your Next Summer Vacation?

    Why use a travel agent? The answer is simple. They'll be able to make your summer vacation more personalized and carefree. If you use a travel agent, you'll never have to quibble with an airline about pricing or complain to the concierge about a hotel room ever again.

    If you'd like to work with a travel agent for your next summer vacation, consider contacting us.

    Joyride Travel is made up of experienced travel agents with more than 20 years of hands-on knowledge providing vacation packages, cruises, tours and customized plans for domestic and international travel. We'll help you create the vacation of a lifetime.


  • 5 Great Reasons Why You Should Travel Often

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    Why you should travel offen

    Are you contemplating a vacation but just not sure you should spend the money? Do you have a list of places you are dying to get to; however, you just can't seem to find the time or the money?

    Some people are lucky to travel often. Others have to put a little more time and planning into it, but everyone with wanderlust should travel as often as they can.

    Save a little extra money every month, cut back on that morning coffee from the coffee shop, and start saving up credit card reward points and frequent flier miles. Whatever it takes, just make sure you get to experience the world.

    Keep reading for 5 reasons why you should travel often.

    You Will Relieve Stress

    Travel can be a huge stress reliever. It gives you time away from the office, from your everyday life, and the daily responsibilities and worries that can often weigh us down. Don't be one of the nearly three-fourths of Americans who don't use all of their vacation days each year.

    Traveling lets you kick back and relax if that's your style or you can fill your days with adventures, tours, and sightseeing.

    You Will Make Memories

    Things won't last forever, but memories can. Will you remember that handbag, expensive TV, or car you must have in 10 years, 20 years, or 30 years? Maybe not, but you will undoubtedly remember the memories you make through your travels.

    Whether you travel alone or with your family or friends, the memories you make will last a lifetime. Take your photos and make a photo book or photo album and you can flip through the pictures any time you want.

    You Will Learn

    When you experience new places, new people, and new cultures, you will learn things you may not have known before. Immersing yourself in a culture is the best way to learn about it.

    You Will Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

    Exploring a new area will expose you to new customs, new foods, new drinks, and new cultural practices. You may find you love a food that you would have never thought to try.

    You Will Learn More About Yourself

    Learning about new things you love, learning patience, and learning about yourself away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life is another reason why you should travel often. Checking out of your responsibilities often helps you to gain clarity and perspective.

    Travel Often? Where Will Your Next Adventure Be?

    Now that you know why you should give in to your wanderlust, where will you go next?

    We can help you with all your travel needs and whether you want to go somewhere near or far, we have got you covered. Contact us today to start planning your next adventure!

    Joyride Travel is made up of experienced travel agents with more than 20 years of hands-on knowledge providing vacation packages, cruises, tours and customized plans for domestic and international travel. We'll help you create the vacation of a lifetime.

  • Top 5 Spring Break Destinations to Book in 2018

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    2018 spring break destinations

    Once the holiday season ends, things tend to go back to normal - work, school, daily chores, and ongoing commitments. Spring break is the light at the end of the tunnel for many people.

    Planning the best vacation possible will give you a much-needed reward for months of studying or hard work at your job, therefore, plan accordingly.

    We're here to help make your next vacation the best you've ever taken with our top 5 spring break destinations for 2018. Get your bathing suit and tanning lotion ready because these are some of the hotspots you have to visit!

    5. Nicaragua

    Nicaragua is a hidden gem for many travelers who want to stay away from the crowded beaches on their spring vacation. It's a relatively inexpensive trip, thus you won't have to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy yourself during your stay.

    The scenery in Nicaragua is some of the best you'll find. You can visit volcanoes one day and relax on the scenic beaches the next. The development of the Nicaragua Canal is likely going to draw more attention to this region so it's better to act now before it's a tourist hotspot.

    4. Turks and Caicos

    Turks and Caicos is another place where you can avoid rowdy crowds on spring break. Jam-packed beaches can be fun when you're in college, but once you're out, you'll probably want something a bit calmer. Turks and Caicos can provide either experience.

    Visit the beautiful coral reefs or stay in the tourist spots with most of the activity. The choice is yours!

    3. St. Lucia

    St. Lucia is one of the most scenic destinations we can recommend for this year's spring vacation. From diverse wildlife in the coastal rainforest to beautiful beaches and mountains, this location is a must-see if you're looking to travel this spring.

    If you're not attracted by the wildlife, St. Lucia also offers luxurious resorts in the heart of the action.

    2. Aruba

    Aruba is a classic vacation destination that will make most people's lists. It's old faithful when it comes to tropical locations. If you want to take a vacation to a tourist destination that won't take you too far out of your comfort zone, Aruba is one of the best options you have.

    1. Anguilla

    Anguilla was another location that didn't see too much development until recently. It's still relatively unblemished when you compare it to other places. Get a jump on this travel vacation this year than waiting until the rest of the tourist population catches wind.

    Planning Your Next Spring Break

    If you don't have a reason to look forward to spring break this year, start booking your trips! The vacation offers a fantastic motivation to take that much-deserved trip or even a break from your studies.

    These locations are some of the most beautiful, tourist-friendly places you'll find. Get your first tan of the year in one of these tropical spots this upcoming spring.

    Want some more travel tips? Check out our travel blog!

    Joyride Travel is made up of experienced travel agents with more than 20 years of hands-on knowledge providing vacation packages, cruises, tours and customized plans for domestic and international travel. We'll help you create the vacation of a lifetime.

  • How to Plan the Best Family Reunion Vacation for 2018

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    Family reunions are the perfect way to catch up with those members you don't get to see very often.

    All families deserve this time to bond and spend quality time together. These reunions also take a lot of work to plan and execute.

    With the right steps, you can ensure you have a successful family reunion everyone will enjoy. Let's get you planning.

    Start With a Rough Plan

    The first thing you need to do when planning a family reunion is come up with an initial plan.

    Put down on paper which family members are interested in attending. List the ages of all the family members in attendance.

    List a few possible dates for the reunion that can accommodate people's work and school schedules.

    Before doing any major planning, some suggest sending out a questionnaire to find out people's preferences.

    Location, Location, Location

    This decisionis one of the most important steps. You have a lot to consider before choosing the location of your reunion. Do most of your family members live in the same state or are they spread across multiple states or countries?

    Do people want to go somewhere within driving distance or a destination that will require flying?

    For example, if there are many young family members the options are National Parks, cruises, and beach destinations.

    If the family reunion vacation has a majority of grownups, you can choose a nice resort near a vineyard or an island resort.

    Appoint Key Planners

    Every family has a born leader who always plans such events. However, for a large-scale event, one person can't do it alone.

    Dividing the tasks among those who volunteer will make the whole experience more manageable.

    Pick someone who can be in charge of:

    • Entertainment and activities
    • Food
    • Accommodations
    • Transportation
    • Photos
    • Music (if applicable)
    • Budget

    All the key planners should remain in communication to update the others their progress with their specific area.

    Set A Budget

    Nothing can spoil a reunion like not setting a budget and sticking to it.

    Forthis event to be successful, you must take into consideration everyone's finances.

    No matter what you do, always try to keep the costs low and cut corners wherever you can. It's a good idea to contact an agent to get the best travel package.

    Give each family plenty of time to come up with the money if you're asking every member to pitch in a set amount.

    Plan Activities for Everyone

    It might be difficult to find activities people who are 10 and 45 will both enjoy. Like we said, it depends on who the majority is and then you can gear activities and events accordingly.

    Make sure you know your audience. For example, a beach destination is enjoyable at any age. If you're not heading to the beach, then does the destination have enough activities for everyone to enjoy:

    • Shopping
    • Gambling
    • Swimming
    • Go-cart racing
    • Biking
    • Sightseeing

    Do lots of research to ensure you can accommodate everyone. The point is to make it enjoyable for all the members of the family, not just accommodate a few.

    Ready for Your Family Reunion?

    We hope this guide has inspired you to get started so you can make your 2018 reunion unforgettable.

    At Joyride Travel, we've been helping people plan their dream vacations for 20 years. Let us help you plan yours! Contact us- your dream vacation is a click away.

    Joyride Travel is made up of experienced travel agents with more than 20 years of hands-on knowledge providing vacation packages, cruises, tours and customized plans for domestic and international travel. We'll help you create the vacation of a lifetime.


  • Do You Really Need Travelers Insurance?

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    More Americans are planning international vacations than ever before. In 2016, a record number of U.S. citizens traveled abroad.

    For most of us, international travel is a luxury that we can only afford to indulge in occasionally. We anticipate these big trips with excitement, but few of us think of protecting the investment we make when we purchase our ticket.

    The truth is that a lot about travel is completely out of our control. Especially since big trips tend to be booked farther in advance, it can be hard to anticipate what could change in the meantime.

    Traveler’s insurance may seem like just an extra expense, but it's an important necessity when you're planning a vacation.

    Below, we're detailing exactly what traveler’s insurance is and why you need it for your next trip. Read on to learn more.

    1. What is Travel Insurance?

    When you book any trip or vacation, investing in traveler’s insurance acts as a financial safety net. It can protect you if something unexpected impacts your trip or requires you to cancel your travel plans altogether.

    There are many common problems that could cause your travel plans to change and insurance can help you address the financial impact of that.

    2. What Does It Cover?

    Different policies will have different specifics, but there are several general circumstances that insurance will cover:

    • Trip interruptions due to certain events, such as the death of an immediate family member
    • Cancellations
    • Service provider failures
    • Medical treatment when traveling
    • Emergency evacuations
    • Lost or damaged baggage

    No one ever expects something to go wrong when planning a trip. Even though it hasn't happened to you yet, that doesn't mean it can't.

    3. Why Do You Need It?

    Think about all the costs associated with planning a vacation. There's the flight, the hotel, and airline baggage fees, just to mention a few. If you're booking a trip for a family or group, those expenses multiply.

    Now imagine losing all that money because of a situation that was entirely out of your control. A family member passed away or your intended destination experienced a natural disaster.

    Without travel insurance, you could lose all the money you've invested and be left unable to reschedule your trip or plan a new vacation somewhere else.

    All insurance is intended to provide is peace of mind and no one hesitates when it comes to buying car insurance or homeowners’ insurance. Having insurance when you travel should be just as automatic.

    It can give you the peace of mind you need to looking forward to your trip and enjoy it worry-free.

    Ready to Book a Trip with Traveler’s Insurance?

    Planning the trip of a lifetime with your family or friends should be exciting. You don't have to worry about being out hundreds or thousands of dollars if something goes wrong.

    Purchasing traveler’s insurance is a smart way to ensure that your vacation is everything you imagined it to be.

    For more information on booking your next dream vacation, please contact us today.

    Joyride Travel is made up of experienced travel agents with more than 20 years of hands-on knowledge providing vacation packages, cruises, tours and customized plans for domestic and international travel. We'll help you create the vacation of a lifetime.

  • 5 Must-Read Tips on How to Plan a Destination Wedding

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    wedding travel

    A destination wedding is a beautiful idea; however, most people don’t get past the planning phase. We're here to show you that anyone can have the destination wedding of their dreams with a bit of clever planning and the right help.

    Check out these 5 essential tips on how to plan a destination wedding easily!


    1. Do Your Homework


    First off, you need to be certain that a destination wedding is right for you and your significant other. Check out the details, read the experiences of others, and do your homework.

    For example, some destinations might seem idyllic and amazing for a trip, but are just not suitable for a destination wedding. You need to carefully review each available destination before even considering booking online.


    2. Plan, Plan, Plan


    If a wedding requires planning, then a destination wedding requires planning squared! This doesn’t mean it’s hard or undoable, but it requires an extra bit of effort to get it just right.

    Consider these wedding planning tipsand combine them with conventional traveling wisdom. During the planning phase, it’s very helpful to check out blogs and memoirs of other couples who had their weddings abroad for potential pitfalls to avoid.


    3. Plan Without Breaking The Bank


    As you learn how to plan a destination wedding, you need to understand the importance of sticking to your budget. Costs can quickly overrun your budget, especially if you're inviting a long list of friends and relatives.

    Be honest with your significant other and plan everything within strict and well-defined financial boundaries. A destination wedding has all the expenses of a wedding, combined with those of a trip abroad, so plan your finances accordingly.


    4. Legalities and Technicalities


    Marriage laws varyfrom country to country, and you want your marriage to be valid when you come back. In most countries, requirements are straightforward, but you need to know exactly what kind of contract you’re signing when marrying abroad.

    Therefore, make sure that it’s legal for you to get married to your spouse at your chosen destination, and that the marriage will be valid when you return home.


    5. Enlist Help


    Even a modest wedding requires considerable planning and a destination wedding abroad with all the bells and whistles is more complicated than your average ‘conventional’ wedding at the local church.

    In addition to friends and family, consider the help of professional wedding planners. A wedding planner might seem expensive at first, but their expertise may save you more money than their services cost in the long run.


    Ready To Plan A Destination Wedding To Remember?


    As we showed you above, planning a destination wedding is easier than most people think and it'll make sure your most important day is also your most memorable one!

    If you're ready to have a truly unique and amazing wedding, contact JoyRide Travel, a leader in destination weddings, honeymoons and anniversaries, to plan out what could well be the best trip of your lifetime!

  • Book Your Paul Gauguin Cruise With Dallas Travel Agents

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    Predictions from the Old Farmer's Almanac show that Dallas is going to receive above-average rainfall in July and October 2017, as well as above-average temperatures in April, September, and October. Not exactly conditions the Cowboy Cheerleaders are going to do the splits for.

    Well, guess what? It's the Dallas Travel Agents to the rescue! Sail away with us and find out how a Paul Gauguin cruise can float you away from pesky weather conditions and into a vacation of a lifetime.

    All the PG Tips

    (We know, that's an English tea. But hey, tea is included on a Paul Gauguin cruise, too!)

    Are you thinking of going on a cruise? On a Paul Gauguin cruise? You're in luck. Travel agencies in Dallas are experts on this spectacular sailing ship and want you to be fully "packed" with knowledge before you even grab your suitcase out of the closet.

    • You won't be just a number. Standard cruises get blasted because they're compared to floating cities. Well, on a Paul Gaugin cruise, you're in a very, very small city, with a maximum passenger load of 332 guests.
    • Crew members average 217, which is a nearly one to one ratio. You won't have to troll around an entire deck to find help, advice, or drinks.
    • There are 7 decks (not few enough to guarantee you won't get seasick, but ask your Dallas travel agents about tips and tricks to avoid the sloshies).
    • So much is included, including entertainment (Polynesian performers!), access to a spa, fitness center, casino, and disco.
    • Unlike regular cruises, Paul Gauguin sailings include select wine, beer, mixed drinks, and bottled water, served both in an in-room fridge and while out and about on the ship.

    Of All the Dallas Travel Agents....

    OK, Dallas isn't a bar like in Casablanca, but how do you just "walk in" to the right Dallas travel agent? 

    A cruise is a major purchase, maybe your one big yearly trip or something you save up for.

    Poll Your Peers!

    Reviews, forums and posts are something to take with a grain of a salt, but they're a great place to start. Check websites of travel agencies in Dallas for a page called Testimonials (or reviews, etc).

    Here, you'll find not just (yes, usually glowing) commentary from past cruisers, but little insights you can seek out. 

    • Take names. If a specific name keeps popping up in positive reviews, that's an agent you should personally seek out to help plan your trip.
    • Check what people thought of any specific itineraries you're considering.
    • Cross check those reviews with what is available. A quick check in April 2017 revealed 135 Paul Gauguin cruises available on one Dallas travel agent's website.
    • You can then narrow down the search using the site's tools, including options for stating the preferred cruise length, what city/port it leaves from, and even a maximum price you're willing to pay.

    You can even participate in forum sites where you can ask questions about both your ship and your travel agency. 

    Now Pack Your Bags

    It's the one thing your Dallas travel agent won't do (though ask, they probably have some really handy packing lists!). 

    When you're ready to hit the open seas, float us a message. We’d love to help you book your cruise.

    It's true, people of Dallas and beyond: Big things happen here. But that doesn't mean you shouldn't get out and see the rest of the world.